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Entrega de Prácticas

All practice assignments will be submitted by uploading the work in the Moodle educational platform, or by sending the appropriate file to the following address, according to the following criteria (see example):

  1. Preferred format: PDF (Portable Document File).
  2. Number all your pages. The size by default should be A-4 (210*290 mm). The heading should include, in this order, SURNAME, NAME, DNI/NIE, (line 1), DATE, EMAIL ADDRESS (line 2), PRÁCTICA + NUMBER (e.g., Práctica 1), on line 3. As from line 4, write down the task number, and include the answer. If you do not know the answer, leave the number blank.
  3. Always include your personal data.
  4. Space between lines should be set to "Double space".
  5. Valid fonts are: Arial, Helvetica, Times (New Roman).
  6. Font size: Titles, headings = 14, Main body = 12, End notes, comments = 10
  7. Send your assignment as a file attachment. Give the file the following name: DNI-number_p[practice number]. Example: 1234567-Y_p01
  8. All assignments not complying with the above data, will be deleted.

If you do not have a PDF creator installed in your computer, try the following link. Remember that in order to create a PDF file, you have to select the PDF printer, and then "print". In order to read PDF files, you may need to install Acrobat Reader.




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