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Web-based Maritime English
Learning Tool

Leonardo da Vinci
Language Competences Project

Community Vocational Training
Action Programme (2000-2006)

MarEng is a transnational project that aims to promote the maritime English language competences of those working in various maritime professions in Europe. The objective of MarEng is to produce an innovative maritime English learning tool, which will be available on the Internet. MarEng is partially financed by the EU Leonardo daVinci programme. The project began in October 2004 and ends in March 2007.

MarEng brings together sixteen partners from six EU Member States, namely Belgium, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. The group of partners consists of a wide variety of maritime institutions. Those involved in the project are education and maritime experts such as English lecturers and teachers, researchers, training managers, seafaring professionals and representatives of the maritime industries.

The project is divided into five Work Packages, one dedicated to the administration of the project and four to the design, development, production, testing and marketing of the MarEng Web-based Maritime English Learning Tool.

  • WP 1: Administration 10/2004 - 3/2007
  • WP 2: Materials design 10/2004 - 2/2006
  • WP 3: Piloting, Testing, Evaluation 3/2006 - 10/2006
  • WP 4: Dissemination 11/2004 - 12/2006
  • WP 5: Technological Solutions 11/2004 - 11/2006

The MarEng Learning Tool

The product of the MarEng project will be a web-based maritime English learning tool, namely an organised database of various maritime English teaching and learning materials.

The MarEng Learning Tool is based on the idea of a virtual ship on a voyage from port to port in Europe. During the voyage, the crew of the ship faces a number of routine and exceptional situations in which maritime English is used both on board and in port operations.

The MarEng material is suitable for different language levels and is grouped in thematic modules, each containing a number of units. The contents of the materials database are listed on the following page.

The database contains texts, various interactive exercises, images, sound and video clips. In addition, the MarEng database includes a glossary of maritime terms and links to selected articles, documents and glossaries on other sites. In practice, both the modules and units and the individual materials will be freely available to users.

All of the material is English-English and is based on language used in actual situations on ships, in ports, in shipping companies and elsewhere in the shipping chain. The STCW95 (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) are taken into account in the preparation stage. The materials will also be extensively evaluated and tested by the advisory project partners before publication.

The intended users of MarEng are maritime English teachers and students as well as people working in various maritime professions. The MarEng material can be used online in the classroom, in distance learning and for self-study purposes. Some elements will also be available in PDF form. The entire MarEng tool will be available on the Internet in early 2007, free of charge. User registration will be required.

A Voyage on the MS Marina

  • 1. In Port
    • Port Operations, Cargo Handling
    • Shipping and Maritime Management
  • 2. The Ship and Its Crew
    • Types of Ships
    • Navigation Bridge, Bridge Instruments
    • Engine Room
    • Cargo Space
  • 3. Leaving Port
    • Port State Control
  • 4. In the Fairway
    • Navigation, Seamarks, Lights
    • Lighthouses
    • VTS
  • 5. On the Watch - A Working Day on Board
  • 6. A Storm - Mayday, Mayday
    • Radio Communication
    • Weather Reports, Navtex
  • 7. An Accident on Board
    • Radio Medical
    • Search and Rescue
    • Helicopter Rescue
  • 8. Trespassing - An Encounter with the Coast Guard
    • Security Issues
  • 9. Approaching the Port of Destination
    • Ice Navigation
    • VTS
    • Pilotage

MarEng Partners


Advisory Partners

Co-ordinating Partner

University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies

The Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) is a nationally and internationally recognised maritime education and research institute. It was founded in Turku in 1980, and today has offices in three cities.

CMS offers high-quality continuing education programmes and courses, research and consulting services as well as conference services. It is experienced in co-ordinating international cooperation projects. The client base of the Centre includes companies, representatives of public administration bodies and private individuals. The position of CMS as a specialized unit of the University of Turku guarantees its leading role in research and provides it with an extensive contact network.

For more information on MarEng

MarEng Web site

Project Co-ordinator

Juha Suotmaa

Centre for Maritime Studies

Veistämönaukio 1-3
FI-20500 Turku

tel. +358 (0)2 281 3325
fax +358 (0)2 281 3311

The content of this project does not necessarily reflect
the position of the European Community or the National Agency,
nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.


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